Course Description

8 contact hours for all soft tissue providers

The utilization of IASTM tools in manual therapy have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, especially in the sports medicine and fitness settings.  There has traditionally been a gap in the literature for the appropriate dosage, timing, and frequency for the proper application of IASTM for musculoskeletal lesions in the physical therapy and athletic training arenas.  This course will review the structural functions of connective tissue elements in various layers of tissues and pathologies, expose the listener to the large variety of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) tools that are now out in the market, and propose general treatment strategies for common orthopedic and sports impairments.   In this one day course you will learn to increase the efficiency of motion with negative pressure tools through fascial mobility and neuromuscular re-education.  The IASTM techniques in this course will take the “sore thumb” out of integrating a strong manual based approach to musculoskeletal disorders.  The majority of manual therapy we utilize is very compressive in nature:  STM, MFR, joint mobs.  Myofascial Decompression (MFD) is one of the few techniques that works in the decompression of the connective tissue and MSK systems. The needs assessment presented for the MFD course will integrate negative pressure tools with Western evidence based physiologic principles and EBM foundations.  Participants will be able to evaluate their ability to intervene appropriately using IASTM tools by describing safety, competency, precautions, contraindications, and appropriate timing, and demonstrating effective interventions with efficient approach and mechanics.  Prior knowledge of basic manual therapy concepts and movement science is recommended. 

Who Can Take Our Course?

  • Physios, ATCs, LMT, LAc, DC and other Sports Med/rehab professionals

    Learn how to integrate cupping into your practice and enhance your clients experiences

  • Acupuncturists, Chiros, Natropaths, MD, NP, PA

    Be able to include cupping therapy for your clients, as well as gain a deeper understanding of fascia and the important role it plays in the human body

  • Fitness professionals, coaches, athletes interested in self care

    With our course, you'll gain a deep understanding of fascia, beyond the classic "everything is connected." In reality, you'll learn "everything is connected, but in a very specific way."